SSMS Tools Pack 3.8 is out. New Excel Export feature, support for SSMS 2016 RC1 and various feature improvements.

This new release brings the following new features and feature improvements:

Export to Excel:
Properly export result sets, one or multiple tables or the whole database to Excel files. This feature doesn't need Excel installed to work. It correctly converts SQL Server data types to Excel data types, supports exporting unlimited table rows and creates a valid XLSX file.

Window Connection Coloring:
Custom text can now be set inside the colored bar for each server/database.

SQL Snippets:
Exporting and importing SQL snippets has been improved with snippet selection. You can now choose which snippets to export/import. This gives extra customizable flexibility.

SQL Editor Plus:
The Accidental Data Destruction Protector can now ignore temporary tables.

Default Settings Deploy:
Default Settings Deploy now auto-detects and auto-deploys new centrally created settings file.

Support for SSMS 2016 RC1:
With each new SSMS 2016 version the compatibility might break. The next update will be for the fully released SSMS 2016.

You can download it here and hope you enjoy it.

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